Twenty First Ave Kitchen & Bar, All-Gender

Toilet paper

Twenty First Ave (previously 21st Ave Bar and Grill) has been a favorite of mine since I moved to the neighborhood 5+ years ago. They have my favorite patio to visit in summer or even on a mild fall afternoon. They've been slowly but noticeably improving the place for as long as I've been going there, and while I'm disappointed that they no longer host a trivia night, their karaoke is typically slow to start so you can get some songs in, and their Monday night "super tacos", and awesome bar-staff have made me a weekly visitor.

The mirror bathroom at Twenty First Ave
The mirrored bathroom at Twenty First Ave.

One thing they have updated/beautified is the previously women’s but now all-gender (woot woot), single use bathroom. It now boasts a nice light show due to the 100+ mirrors adorning the walls, polka dots on a vibrant red and black backdrop. The mirror above the sink is too high up for shorties like me and the toilet is slow to flush which is kind of a bummer, but I can let that slide. It's always clean, though it does have a "bathroom smell", I very rarely have to hover, it also feels quite private with a good lock on the door and its decent size. They always have it well-stocked with 2-ply TP and paper towels. The men's room was also changed to an all-gender restroom, but I always wait for this one, as the men's had no lock (to my knowledge) and it isn’t single use. I prefer the privacy.