Powell's Books, Mens

Toilet paper

Located in the "Purple Room" on the third floor, this discrete, functional restroom is probably one of the most trafficked by Portland's tourists. I imagine a lot of people get desperate finding it, but if you get lost know it's tucked away in what looks like a utility closet across from the self-help section. Inside you'll find three automatic faucets, two hand dryers, three urinals, and two stalls, one of which is accessible.

The stalls have metal doors and toilet paper dispensers, and manual flush toilets. The toilet paper quality is poor, but acceptable given how much Powell's probably has to buy to keep up with their traffic. I found that one of the faucets was malfunctioning, but the rest seemed to work fine.

In terms of decor, there's not much to say. Checkered tile lines the wall, which is about as exciting as it gets here. I would think for a tourist destination there would be more thematic stuff going on, but you can tell that this bathroom is strictly meant for business. Overall, if you're in a pinch and can suffer the general public, this is a great option. One parting thought - please don't take books in here that you don't intend to buy.