Living Room Theaters, Women's

Toilet paper

Tucked into this fancy movie theater is a fancy bathroom- or so it seems on first glance. You pass an ultra modern sink as you enter, thinking, "Where does the water even go?" They've eliminated the basin almost entirely. You have a while to think about this on the long walk to the stalls.

There are 3 totally adequate and average stalls, not enough for prime movie time, hence the long hallway for waiting. Any foul odors hiding there are covered cleverly by wafting popcorn scents. The TP is of low to average quality. I would have expected signs indicating that is is "tree free" bamboo TP or a fancier feel, given the venue.

After the trek back to the sinks, you have a disorienting feeling of someone watching you as you wash up. You feel there's someone behind you, you look- nothing. Wasn’t there just a face in the mirror that wasn’t mine? It recalls the feeling of the horror movie you just watched. As you leave, you see a man, The SAME man you saw in the mirror!! You duck back to realize there is a bizarre split in the mirrors between men's and women's sinks. This is genius, interested, confusing, and definitely a reason to return. Two thumbs up.