The FART system

The quantitative portion of our reviews use the FART system (patent pending), which scores important features of a bathroom. The FART system has four primary rankings, each on a five-point scale:


The functionality of the bathroom. This includes but is not limited to cleanliness, bowl size, sink effectiveness, availability (not quality) of toilet paper, hand drying mechanism, and soap quality.


How accessible a bathroom is. This includes but is not limited to wheelchair accessibility, accessible stalls, the availability of unisex or all-gender bathrooms, and the overall number of urinals and stalls.


Determines how bad the bathroom smells. This is the only ranking where a high score is worse than a low score. Note that any unpleasant smell like bleach, strong soaps, or body odor is considered rank.

Toilet paper

The quality of the toilet paper. While the overall "feel" is how this is ranked, the strength and pattern may affect the score.